Uw partner in diepvriesgroenten

History and highlights

Family owned company Horafrost, who originated from the farming industry, was incorporated in 1979 in Staden to concentrate on the production of frozen vegetables.

Since the beginning, the company had a rapid but steady growth and was soon a leading European frozen food vegetable producer.

Thanks to the excellent location of the factory, in the heart of the agricultural West-Flanders, the daily fresh vegetables can be handled with the best care in accordance with the needs of today's consumer.

To this day, the daily management of the business is still in the hands of the Hoflack family and is the supplier to a number of international distributors.

Some highlights:

  • 80,000,000 kg finished products
  • More than 140 different finished products
  • 40 different fresh vegetables
  • 4 product lines with a capacity of 1,000,000 kg/day
  • 15 cold stores: more than 450,000 m³ to -20°C
  • 6 packing lines