Uw partner in diepvriesgroenten

Sustainable business

For a long time we have chosen the sustainable business path and we are convinced that this vision adds value to the company and it's environment in the long term.

By taking targeted steps and by investing purposefully, we try various methods to reduce the impact of our production on the environment and climate.

  • Through targeted water recycling and purification we strive to optimise our water usage.
  • Moreover it is deployed on the reduction and optimisation of the energy consumption during the production process.
  • We certainly try to minimise the food losses during the production process.
  • We also pay attention to sorting and recycling our waste.

Our energy and dedication was awarded by winning the „Staden onderneemt" Award. More info at www.stadenonderneemt.be

The choice to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient is a continuous process in which we remain committed.